[The Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize]
The main prize consists of a commemorative shield and an award of \1,000,000.
The special prize consists of a commemorative shield and an award of \500,000.

(1)The award is targeted to works by individual authors, collaborations or compilations, which contribute to the development of “the Pacific Basin Community Concept” and also regional studies of the Pacific Basin region.
(2) In selecting the awarded works, priority will be given in the following order: first the books by individual authors; second collaborative books; and the third compilations.
(3) The publication date of the awarded book, as a rule, must be within two years preceding the award date.
(4) Works which have already received another award will not, as a rule, be eligible for the prize.
(5) The Special Prize will be awarded to works that contribute to broadening the public knowledge on the Pacific Basin Community Concept, such as bibliographic or encyclopedic books, enlightening books etc..
(6) Up to five or six works will be selected, two or three preferably by non-Japanese authors.
(7) Authors must, as a rule, be under the age of fifty.
Recommendation and Application for the prize
Recommendation for the prize is restricted, in principle, to those organizations or individuals that the foundation asks of, but recommendation by other parties is possible. Free application by an author or publisher is also possible, in which case a copy of the book must be sent to the foundation. The term for collecting recommendation is from the beginning of September to the end of November. The Selection Committee decide on the awarded works around March and inform the recipients of the news. Those who fail shall not be informed of the results nor shall their application documents be returned.