[The Pacific Basin Academic Grant]

A Grant for group research is within \5,000,000.
A Grant for individual research is within \ 2,000,000.

(1) The grant will be awarded to group and individual researches on politics, economics, culture, science or technology, which serve to further the Pacific Basin Community concept; researches on the Pacific Regions are also eligible.
(2) Researches must be completed within two years at longest and when completed, their outcome must be reported to the foundation in some way.
(3) The number of researches to be awarded the grant is preferably one or two for group researches and three or four for individual researches, half of which are by foreign researchers.
(4) Researchers must, as a rule, be under the age of fifty.
In applying for the grant, recommendation by someone concerning the foundation is necessary in principle, but application without it is also possible. The term for application is from the beginning of August to the end of October. The Selection Committee decide on the awarded works around March and inform the recipients of the news. Those who fail shall not be informed of the results nor shall their application documents be returned. Those wishing to apply for the grant may inquire of the foundation. The application form for the academic grant will be sent in reply.